Nael Nadif Kasri: Assistant Professor

I studied biochemistry at the KU Leuven (Belgium), followed by a PhD (2000-2004) in molecular biology  at the KU Leuven with Prof. Dr. Humbert de Smedt. During my PhD thesis, I studied the role of Ca2+ and calmodulin in the regulation of IP3Rs.  After my PhD I worked as a postdoctoral researcher (2005-2010) in the lab of Prof. Dr. Linda van Aelst at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, where I studied the role of RhoGTPase signaling in excitatory synapses in the hippocampus. In June 2010 I moved to the Netherlands and started my independent research group at the Radboud Medical Centre, where I am part of the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour. In 2011 I received the Hypatia Fellowship and Marie Curie reintegration grant.

Astrid Oudakker: Technician


Nathasia Muwanigwa

Marina Hommersom

Heleen de Jong

Rebbeca Moerschen

Elly Lewerissa

Noor Smal Master intersnhsip @ Vaccharino lab, Yale, US

Elske Bijvank: PhD student @ University of Utrecht, Group C. Wierenga

Tessa van der Heyden: research analyst @Stem cell center Radboudumc

Wei Ba: Postdoctoral researcher Franks lab, Imperial College, London

Martijn Selten: Postdoctoral researcher Oscar Marin Lab, King’s college London

Marco Benevento: postdoctoral researcher @ IST Austria G. Novarino group

Marise van de Molengraft: Scientific writer

Elly Lewerissa: Master VU

Rizky Lasabuda: Master Neuroscience VU, Amsterdam

Inge Schreurs: Master Student

Katrin Linda: @ present PhD student Nadif Kasri lab

Didi Lamers:  @ present  master student Ryohe Yasuda’s lab, Max Planck Florida

Zhengduan Yang

Roberta Mancini: @ present  PhD student at VU, Amsterdam, Prof. Dr. M Verhage

Jessie Brunner: @ present  Phd student @ Mathijs Verhaege group VU Amsterdam

Anne van Casteren; @ present  Master student Maastricht

Rhode Erbrink: @ present PhD student at VU, Amsterdam, Prof. Dr. M Verhage

Hawra Kadhim: Master Student

Luuk Baltussen: @ present  PhD student UCL, London UK

Daisy van der Heijden

Jori van der Raadt; PhD student in collaboration with Dr. Kees Albers (Genetics)

gene networks during transdifferentiation

Chen Yanfen: PhD student in collaboration with Prof.Dr. Benno Roozendaal     

Role of Insular cortex during emotional memory formation

Jon-Ruben van Rhijn: PhD student

Neuronal networks and synaptic dysfunction in mouse models of FoxP2:

Mouse models, electrophysiology

Current Master and Bachelor students

Katharina Foreman

Nic Bechet

Vanessa Budny

Gemma Solé Guardia

Karol Piera

Monica Frega: Postdoc

Neuronal networks in Kleefstra syndrome: Multi electrode array, hIPSC

Katrin Linda: PhD student in collaboration with Dr. Bert de Vries

Epigenetic plasticity during synaptic plasticity:

Molecular biology, epigenetics, hIPSCs, Koolen-de Vries syndrome

Britt Mossink: PhD student

Cell-type specific contribution to Kleefstra syndrome using hIPSC

MEAs, hIPSCs, Molecular biology, epigenetics,

Moritz Negwer: PhD student

Long-range connectivity in mouse models of autism, Kleefstra Syndrome

Mouse models, optogenetics

Anouk Verboven: PhD student in collaboration with dr. Kees Albers and dr. B. de Vries

Integrative cellular functional genomics and phenomics in patient-derived iNeurons for rapid drug identification in neurodevelopmental disorders

Chantal Schoenmakers: Technician