Nael Nadif Kasri: Associate Professor

I studied biochemistry at the KU Leuven (Belgium), followed by a PhD (2000-2004) in molecular biology  at the KU Leuven with Prof. Dr. Humbert de Smedt. During my PhD thesis, I studied the role of Ca2+ and calmodulin in the regulation of IP3Rs.  After my PhD I worked as a postdoctoral researcher (2005-2010) in the lab of Prof. Dr. Linda van Aelst at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, where I studied the role of RhoGTPase signaling in excitatory synapses in the hippocampus. In 2010 I moved to the Netherlands and started my independent research group at the Radboud Medical Centre, where I am part of the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour. In 2011 I received the Hypatia Fellowship and Marie Curie reintegration grant. The focus of my research is to understand the synaptic basis of neurodevelopmental disorders using in vitro human models and in vivo mouse models

Astrid Oudakker: Technician

Molecular biology


PhD students:

Monique Balemans

Nikkie Olde Loohuis

Marijn Martens

Marco Benevento

Wei Ba

Martijn Selten

Jon-Ruben van Rhijn

Chen Yanfen

Jori van der Raadt

Teun Klein Gunnewiek

Master students:

Imke Schuurmans

Edda Ulferts

Lynn Aarts

Evert Arendsen

Anne Mulder

Carlijn van der Kallen

Bjorn van Sambeek

Willemijn Claassen

Karol Piera

Hassel Delgado

Dylek Yener

Katharina Foreman

Lynn Devillee

Vanessa Budny

Gemma Solé Guardia

Nic Bechet

Nathasia Muwanigwa

Marina Hommersom

Heleen de Jong

Rebbeca Moerschen

Elly Lewerissa

Noor Smal Master intersnhsip @ Vaccharino lab, Yale, US

Elske Bijvank: PhD student @ University of Utrecht, Group C. Wierenga

Tessa van der Heyden: research analyst @Stem cell center Radboudumc

Wei Ba: Postdoctoral researcher Franks lab, Imperial College, London

Martijn Selten: Postdoctoral researcher Oscar Marin Lab, King’s college London

Marco Benevento: postdoctoral researcher

Marise van de Molengraft: Scientific writer

Elly Lewerissa: Master VU

Rizky Lasabuda: Master Neuroscience VU, Amsterdam

Inge Schreurs: Master Student

Katrin Linda: @ present PhD student Nadif Kasri lab

Didi Lamers:  @ present  master student Ryohe Yasuda’s lab, Max Planck Florida, PhD Italy

Zhengduan Yang

Roberta Mancini: @ present  PhD student at VU, Amsterdam, Prof. Dr. M Verhage

Jessie Brunner: @ present  Phd student @ Mathijs Verhaege group VU Amsterdam

Anne van Casteren; @ present  Master student Maastricht

Rhode Erbrink: @ present PhD student at VU, Amsterdam, Prof. Dr. M Verhage

Hawra Kadhim: Master Student

Luuk Baltussen: @ present  PhD student UCL, London UK

Daisy van der Heijden

Jon-Ruben van Rhijn: Postdoc in collaboration with dr. Dirk Schubert

Neuronal networks and synaptic dysfunction in hiPSC models of schizophrenia:

hiPSC, electrophysiology

Current Master and Bachelor students

Iris Teunissen van Manen

Maia Schoenberg

Annika Mordelt

Katrin Linda: Postdoc

Epigenetic plasticity during synaptic plasticity:

Molecular biology, epigenetics, hiPSCs, Koolen-de Vries syndrome

Britt Mossink: PhD student

Cell-type specific contribution to Kleefstra syndrome using hiPSC

MEAs, hiPSCs, Molecular biology, epigenetics,

Moritz Negwer: PhD student

Long-range connectivity in mouse models of autism, Kleefstra Syndrome

Mouse models, optogenetics, brain clearing, lightsheet microscopy

Anouk Verboven: PhD student

Integrative cellular functional genomics and phenomics in patient-derived iNeurons for rapid drug identification in neurodevelopmental disorders.

Chantal Schoenmaker: Technician

MEAs, hiPSCs, cell culture

Eline van Hugte: PhD student

Brain on-a-chip model for epilepsy

MEAs, hIPSCs, Molecular biology

Elly Lewerissa: PhD student

human model of Dravet  syndrome

hiPSCs, cell biology, genome editing

Naoki Kogo: visiting Postdoc;

Neurophysiology of visual perception, dynamic patch clamping

Texel 2019

Shan Wang PhD student in collaboration with D. Schubert;

hiPSCs, Schizophrenia

Ummi Ciptasari PhD student;

Modelling ASD with hIPSC-derived neurons

Iris Pelgrim PhD student in collaboration with Khondrion

Modelling MELAS with IPSC derived models

Rachel  Mijdam PhD student in collaboration with prof. Dirk Lefeber

Modelling glycosylation disorders with IPSC-derived models, NANS deficiency

Brooke Latour Postdoc student;

Modelling ASD with hIPSC, brain organoids

Marina Hommersom, PhD student;

Modelling ataxia with hIPSC-derived neurons, in collaboration with Prof. H. van Bokhoven and B. vd Warrenburg

Close collaborators

Prof. H. van Bokhoven


dr. D. Schubert

Cellular Neurophysiology

Ka Man Wu: technician

human model of Dravet  syndrome

hiPSCs, cell biology, genome editing

Xiuming, Yuan PhD student;

Homeostatic plasticity, epigenetics  of psychiatric disorders

Emma Dyke PhD student;

cilia,  cilioopathies, brain organoids