Nael Nadif Kasri: full professor

I studied biochemistry at the KU Leuven (Belgium), followed by a PhD (2000-2004) in molecular biology  at the KU Leuven with Prof. Dr. Humbert de Smedt. During my PhD thesis, I studied the role of Ca2+ and calmodulin in the regulation of IP3Rs.  After my PhD I worked as a postdoctoral researcher (2005-2010) in the lab of Prof. Dr. Linda van Aelst at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, where I studied the role of RhoGTPase signaling in excitatory synapses in the hippocampus. In 2010 I moved to the Netherlands and started my independent research group at the Radboud Medical Centre, where I am part of the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour. In 2011 I received the Hypatia Fellowship and Marie Curie reintegration grant. The focus of my research is to understand the synaptic basis of neurodevelopmental disorders using in vitro human models and in vivo mouse models

Astrid Oudakker: Technician

Molecular biology


PhD students:

Monique Balemans

Nikkie Olde Loohuis

Marijn Martens

Marco Benevento

Wei Ba

Martijn Selten

Jon-Ruben van Rhijn

Chen Yanfen

Jori van der Raadt

Teun Klein Gunnewiek

Anouk Verboven

Britt Mossink

Moritz Negwer

Chantal Schoenmaker: Technician

MEAs, hiPSCs, cell culture

Eline van Hugte: PhD student

Brain on-a-chip model for epilepsy

MEAs, hIPSCs, Molecular biology

Elly Lewerissa: PhD student

human model of Dravet  syndrome

hiPSCs, cell biology, genome editing

Naoki Kogo: visiting Postdoc;

Neurophysiology of visual perception, dynamic patch clamping

Texel 2019

Ummi Ciptasari PhD student;

Modelling ASD with hIPSC-derived neurons

Iris Pelgrim PhD student in collaboration with Khondrion

Modelling MELAS with IPSC derived models

Rachel Mijdam PhD student in collaboration with prof. Dirk Lefeber

Modelling glycosylation disorders with IPSC-derived models, NANS deficiency, in collaboration with prof. Dirk Lefeber

Brooke Latour Postdoc;

Modelling ASD with hIPSC, brain organoids, Koolen de Vries syndrome, cilia

Marina Hommersom, PhD student;

Modelling ataxia with hIPSC-derived neurons, in collaboration with Prof. H. van Bokhoven and B. vd Warrenburg

Close collaborators

Prof. H. van Bokhoven


dr. D. Schubert

Cellular Neurophysiology

Ka Man Wu: technician

human model of Dravet  syndrome

hiPSCs, cell biology, genome editing

Xiuming, Yuan PhD student;

Homeostatic plasticity, epigenetics  of psychiatric disorders

Emma Dyke PhD student;

cilia,  cilioopathies, brain organoids

Marie  Le Bihan PhD student;

mTORopathies  brain organoids in  collaboration with Dirk Schubert and Eleonora Aronica

Imke Schuurmans, PhD student;

ASO strategies for PDE/GA1 related disorders, in collaboration with Clara van Karnebeek and Alex Garanto

Annemiek van de Steeg, PhD student;

ASO strategies for ASO

Sofia Puvogel, Postdoc;

Phenotyping ASD genes, single cell RNAseq, MEA-seq

Nicky Scheefhals, Postdoc;

phenotyping ASD genes, MEAs, imaging

Kim Wijnant, PhD student

Designing ASO  therapy  for ASD/NDD genes

TAILORED Psider project in collaboration with Prof. LIsenka Vissers

Jesper Bergmans, PhD student

Designing therapies for mitochondrial disorders

CURE-Mils EJP project, in  collaboration with Werner Koopman

Max Sterling, PhD student

Phylogenetic and ontogenetic aspects of dendrite signaling

in collaboration with Prof. Richard van Wezel